DWI PILAR PRATAMA adopts the following procedures to complete turnkey Project  on  time,  within  budget  and  to  the  employers  fullest  satisfaction.  This  is  the  general  procedure  that is  adopted  for  execution  of  overseas  turnkey  contracts, but  will be modified to suit the requirements of the specific contract.


Upon award of Contract, our company will form a Project Management Team exclusively concentrated to the execution of the project  in  accordance  with  customer  intent.  The  team  will   be  lead   by  experienced  Project  Manager  and  supported  by experienced staff from various disciplines.

The Project Manager will be assigned and fully authorized and responsible  for  all  aspects  of  the  project  since  start  up  to  completion. This includes all works required to proceed with the project execution i.e. Planning, Scheduling, Finance, Costing, Monitoring, Analyzing, Engineering, Purchasing, Inspection, Erection, Testing and Commissioning.

The Project Manager with task force team, will be directly responsible  to  Customer  and  his  Consultants  on  a  daily  basis  and will be working along with Customer’s Project Management Team to ensure the successful completion of the project.

Upon  award  of  Contract,  the  Project  Manager  along  with  his  team  will  be  immediately  posted  at  an  location  near  the  works  and  will  immediately  commence  the  Project  Execution  by  assigning  the  personnel  as  high  lighted  in   the  Project Management Organization

As a company policy, the Project Manager will be fully supported by the Indonesian home office in all technical matters as well as

financial  matters.  He  will  also  be supported  in the country where the  works  are to be  carried  out  by  a competent  local  partner having experience in similar works.

As soon  as possible  after award of  Contract,  the  Project  Manager will request for Kick Off  Meeting  with  Customer’s  representative to review all aspects of the project such as:

  1. Plan of Project Execution.
  2. Personnel Organization.
  3. Key Millstone Dates and Schedule.
  4. Basic Communication System.
  5. Import Procedure.
  6. Payment Procedure.

Project  Management  activities will start  immediately after award of contract. Immediate activities will include the following :

  1. Preparation of work breakdown.
  2. Preparation of  Integrated  Contract  Schedule  inconsultation with Engineering, Procurement and Construction Division.

Our head office will control the Project by our project control policy which consists of  Planning, Monitoring, Analyzing, Forecasting and Re planning (if any) with regular internal contract coordination meeting based on Base Line Schedule, and graphics such as “S” curves and commodity curves.

Our Company will meet with Customer’s key management personnel on monthly basis initially to review the project status such as Engineering Approval, Vendor Approval, Inspection Coordination, Importation Formalities, Payment Status, resolving the areas of concern which may affect project schedule.

The period of contract coordination meetings will be changed to once in two weeks during progress of the project. At these meetings, formal minutes will be made and individuals will be requested to bring up all matters affecting the Project implementation.

In addition, We will submit monthly progress report including Schedule  analysis and forecast on the project status to the Customer.

The proposed Project Management Organization is enclosed.


The Home Office Engineering Manager will form Engineering Team  consisting of Mechanical, Structural, Civil, Electrical, Control & Instrumentation groups with a highly experienced Engineering Coordinator as team leader. This Engineering Team will be fully dedicated to the Project for basic design, release of  equipment purchase specification, technical review of  vendor’s/Sub-Contractor’s offers, preparation of various technical document as per the scope and specification of the Contract. The Home Office Engineering Coordinator will coordinate on a regular basis with Project Manager with respect to schedule, drawing approval etc.


We will make maximum effort to  proceed  with the  procurement on time as scheduled to ensure timely completion.

Home Office Procurement Manager will be assigned to handle all aspect of procurement of equipment. On receipt of equipment specification  from  Engineering  Department,  Procurement Manager will invite quotation from the listed vendors as per the contract  document.  Once  offer  is  received,  same  will  be  technically evaluated by Engineering to ensure the equipment is  being supplied as per requirement of the contract specification. Commercial portion of the offer will be evaluated by Home Office Procurement  Manager. After  final  negotiation, order  will  be finalized. On  Placement  of  order, Procurement  Team  will  follow

with   various   technical   document,   and   ensure   timely   exection / delivery of equipment.

Considering the project schedule,  Home  Office  Procurement  Team will proceed with following :

  1. Purchase / Procurement of equipment / Component.
  2. Provide all necessary expenditing to ensure timely delivery of equipment / component.


Site  Manager  will  be  assigned  to  manage  all  site  activities  and will lead Site Organization Team. Site Manager will be fully auhorized  to  take  decision  at  site  on  behalf  of  the  Contractor.  Site Manager will be posted at site as full time representative.

Site  Manager  will  plan  the  site  work  with  his  team  within time frame with respect to following :

  1. Man Power Planning.
  2. Construction Equipment Planning.
  3. Availability of Equipment / component for construction / erection with close liaison with JV Project Manager.
  4. Appointment of Sub Contractors at site.

We shall meet with Customer’s Site Management Personnel on weekly basis to discuss and resolve following :

  1. Progress of  erection  /  construction  during  last  week  and over all status of construction.
  2. Forecasting of  construction  /  erection  plan  for  next  three  weeks.
  3. Resolve any interface problems.